Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Illustration Friday - Enough - Palette Knife Painting

Sometimes the shade of a tree on a hillside in a sunny day is enough.

One of the things I struggled with when I last painted oils was getting enough paint on the canvas. I preferred to paint in thin layers and build up color slowly. I always marveled at artists that could use impasto and expressive brush strokes, and wondered how they could get so much paint on the canvas with a brush. Turns out they were using palette knives all along.

We tried palette knife painting in the last painting session and I was fairly satisfied with my painting at the end of the day. I never thought I could paint like that! I think I'll be trying this technique again!

Enough, Oil on canvas, 8x6 inches.

Curiously, the cake decorating classes I took came in handy when trying this new technique!


mitchowl said...

cake decorating? lol That's pretty funny. You just never know when random skills will come in handy. Great job.

INDIGENE said...

I love the brush strokes of the sky and the image of the tree! Great job!