Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garden Bounty

Well, we had a not so great veggie gardening year, our tomato and squash plants all died early in the season, but a few have kept going. The watermelon growing on one of our vines split after heavy rains this past weekend, but there are a few plants still going. Here is a sampler of the items we picked over the weekend. Nothing like homegrown organic veggies to get me excited about cooking! This particular batch got a stir-fry, a quinoa salad, and a veggie side dish.


libbyquilter said...

hi Ligia~!~

yum~!~ sounds really good~!!~
this past weekend left us preserving salsa from fresh out of the garden tomatoes~!

it's such a satisfying feeling when one can make fabulous dishes for the table and the pantry from what has grown in the garden~!!!~

i received your sweet card in the mail and just wanted you to know that it brightened my day to know that you enjoyed receiving my first give-away postcard. it was great fun for me too and i'm looking forward to when i do another one~!~


gucci said...
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