Monday, March 30, 2009


We've been working on the garden, it's that busy time of year when the veggie garden needs to be started. Some of my roses have been happy with the weather and blooming. This one is an old-fashioned shrub that requires little care. This particular variety is called Mademoiselle du Brabant. I like roses that not only look good, but are easy to care for (no spraying for bugs or disease) and smell good. The old-fashioned varieties really do the trick, before that I had many failures with hybrids and thought I just couldn't grow roses. Turns out I was just growing the wrong kind. I want them to smell good too. It's one of the things people do when they see roses in bloom, they usually move in to try to smell them. So if they don't smell good, they are not worth growing. A shame because there are some pretty roses out there that don't smell so good, but again, the old fashioned ones usually have nice scents to boot. I must look funny at the nursery when I'm looking for roses, sniffing all of them before I choose which one I want!

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libbyquilter said...

i can practically smell this right through the screen~!~what a great shot and the light is just beautiful too~!!~ i agree, roses should smell good and be easy to tend. when we moved into this home about five years ago there was an outstandingly gorgeous rose garden, however the roses had all been planted as a way to help "sell" the house and with no thought to climate needs or care requirements. we live in a very difficult upper altitiude/cold climate and we've lost all but the hardiest of them which just happen to be my favorites. now, i'm filling the spaces in with vegetables and other flowers~!!~ until my garden warms up enough to plant and enjoy i'm quite happy to be enjoying yours~!~

i want to tell you (again)that i am just so in love with my little painting . . .i've recently bought a small painting of a Pear as the second piece in my collection and although it is lovely, i think your Summer Berries will always be a favorite of mine~!!~

have you thought about painting your roses~!?!~