Friday, February 1, 2008

Ripples Galore

I've been wanting to work on a ripple blanket for a while, but am a beginner at this crochet thing (all I've done so far is a bathroom rug in single and double crochet...) but I'd already done my homework and had the necessary pattern for the ripple blanket and even some yarn to get started stashed away since before my move. So I dug out my instructions and got started with two ripples and once I figured out what I was doing, I got started on the real deal. I did have to rip out a few times (probably due to my lack of experience, not the instructions) but finally got it and am making progress.

I decided to go with warm colors to match my new family room and am randomly attaching colors as I feel like it rather than planning it all ahead of time (I hope I don't regret this later!) and am so happy to see the ripples come together. It's a fairly relaxing pattern and I'm enjoying it.

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