Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quilting Inspiration

Spent most of the weekend working on the yard, but still made time for the weekly library visit and a quick stop by our large used book sale (held in spring and fall) and grab a few more books.

I'm not making as much progress as I'd like with the blanket squares, I have one I've ripped out several times (this is what I get for trying to do something new while talking to people at the same time!) so I'm just going back to plain squares for now. Sorry, Michaela, I should have left it but I had just finished ripping it out when I saw your comment - thank you for stopping by! :)

I did spend some time reading the Art Quilt Workbook copy I got from the library on Saturday and am so inspired to start work on a doll quilt or two! I loved the colors and layouts and suggestions for exercises. I can't wait until the studio in the new place is set up.


Michaela said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, nice to see you again! When I said I was fed up of 'shi**y' days, it was literal not metaphorical! If you get my meaning - I work with young children and love my job. But sometimes, just sometimes I wish I was with older children!

lilfish said...

Pokes the blog... Steps back to see if anything happens.
Waits. Watches. :)